Hi, I’m Erika!

I’m a sex coach and teacher. I help women connect with their innate sexual confidence and sensual power. My job is my mission in life, because I know that all women can radiate confidence, feel pleasure and bliss and experience love.

It makes me absolutely devastated that so many women aren’t connected with what’s available inside…the bliss, beauty and pleasure as well as their own unique orgasmic magic. I know what that feels like, because I used to be disconnected from my sexual self, I felt hollow inside and felt like something essential was missing in my life.

I read tips and tricks in magazines for how to have the best sex, but it didn’t work and I judged myself… I thought I was broken – I didn’t feel any desire or pleasure and couldn’t orgasm. One day about five years ago, I decided – no more!

Since then I have explored my body, mind and sexuality. I have practiced Tantric and Taoist sex practices, studied a masters degree in sexology and completed a top-notch sex coaching certification.

With practice and patience, I found healing and transformation – amazing pleasure and orgasms, freedom and expression, a love relationship with myself and a deeply embodied confidence and trust in my own ability to be a sexual woman.

Oh my Goddess, have I transformed! And so can you, love…
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Set Yourself Free!

In my work as a coach, I see that women who lack sexual and sensual confidence and empowerment, have beliefs dominated by “not enoughs”. “I’m not good, pretty, skinny or curvy, sexy, feminine enough”…etc.

That’s all BS – this is not our true and authentic way to live as women!

With practical and powerful tools and practices, I help my clients reconnect with their innate confidence and power, from which their sexuality and sensuality blossoms.

When you partner with me in coaching, we work together to find your core essence, your true vibrancy as a woman and support the inner structures in your psyche, body and emotions so that you can thrive in your sexuality.

I offer coaching packages from a minimum of 3 sessions and you can work with me from anywhere in the world. Our sessions are online via video meetings which allows you to be in the safety and comfort of your home and bedroom.

I take your through mind provoking coaching conversations, guide you through emotional liberation practices and tailor make homework practices that support your sexual growth.

Who is a sexually confident and sensually empowered woman?

She knows her pleasure and body. She has orgasms, all kinds of them!

She enjoys the flavor of her sexy and her sensuality, and she dares to embody it. She loves her unique body and beauty.

She knows her desires and what turns her on – and she can ask for it. She satisfies herself [and her lover].

Being confident and empowered in your sexuality means creating a sex life, and life in general, that’s full of radiance, pleasure and magnificence. It helps you feel at home in your body and skin, so you can feel what it means to be a woman to you. It makes you damn proud of being a [sexually active] woman who expresses her femininity in her own unique way.

Don’t know how to become confident and empowered in sex and sensuality?
Don’t worry babe, I know and I’ll teach you!
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Erika offers an immensely safe space to explore ANYTHING in regards to sex, sexuality and relationship.  She provides a space that feels like it can embrace anything that arises with deep compassion and strong guidance.  She’s also very playful and creative in her sessions – we move fluidly between the light and the dark. I often feel clearer, more radiant and much more empowered after our sessions.  Most of all I feel more fully connected to more parts of my body in a way that feels delicious and vibrant.

Shelby Leigh, Somatic Therapist and Coach

Wow, I am so grateful for the time spent in the coaching container with Miss Erika. It is a true gift to have a space to share such intimacies of my sexual life, and to truly be heard, and celebrated for the full spectrum of my experience. She held my tears and so many sensitive moments with such sweetness and gentleness, while also encouraging me to express myself through it. I have learned so much about my relationship to my sexuality through the container of our relationship, and I am deeply grateful for how this work has informed my relationship to my body, my ability to feel and receive pleasure, and also how I care for myself. Erika’s passion for this work is sincerely felt, and her enjoyment of sexuality and sexual freedom is so refreshing and inspiring to be around. Thank you, Erika!

Kristen Appenrodt, Feminine Sexuality and Expression Coach


Let’s get to know each other!

Perhaps it isn’t the right time or place right now for you to dive into 1:1 coaching with me and that’s totally fine! I’m happy that you found me and I’d love to stay connected and get to know you.

I know what blocks confidence and empowerment, and I know what liberates it. I’m passionate about sharing lots of juicy information with you so that you too can live a sensually and sexually fulfilled life!

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